Why Me?

With a broad selection of pet portrait artists, the decision of the person you’d like to hire may be a challenge for you. So, what are the reasons for you to work with me?  What makes my works stand out from the crowd? To start with, I really like what I’m doing and I really like animals. I’ve been raised in the countryside and worked at the farm with my grandparents, since my early years. This is when the passion for animals started. I learnt the basics of taking care of different animals and I spent days and nights doing that.

However, animals were not my only hobby. When I was little, my parents sent me to the drawing classes, where my artistic talent started developing.  I understood that my life would be somehow connected with art, but I didn’t know what exactly this would be… until I “fell in love” with animals. This is when I understood that I would draw the portraits of animals, thus combining two greatest hobbies in my life. Thus, my hobbies became my occupation and I really use all my imagination, skills and artistic talent, when working on each portrait.

What’s more, I use only quality materials in my work. These include canvases, paints, canvas stretchers etc. I’m always open for discussion and I will take into account all your special preferences, requirements, financial abilities and other nuances.  I’m responsible for each stage of the working process as well as for the final result, which will not leave you and your loved ones indifferent!