My Works

Drawing a portrait of an animal is much more difficult in most situations than drawing the portraits of a person. And it’s no wonder, because animals are not only active, but also unpredictable. It’s close to impossible to tell, how they will behave in this or that situation and this is why, an artist should be a real professional, who will be able to grab the attention of a pet and depict it in the most unique and, what really matters, realistic way. In some situations, it makes sense to draw a pet from its photo. This doesn’t affect the quality of the portrait, but adds realistic features to it. Are you ready to place an oder? If so, then this is how the process is generally done:

Selecting the Best Option

As soon as you have decided to order a quality portrait of your pet, you should carefully select a photo of it, from which I will draw the picture. Another option is to bring your pet to my art studio, where I will draw it. The latter option is much more complicated and tiresome for many pet owners because of the specific nature of animals and their behaviour. That is why, most clients prefer sending me a photo of a pet so that I could draw the portrait in details.  If you wish, you can select several photos of your pet and send them to me. By having a look at them, I will be able to choose the one I consider the most suitable for this purpose. 

Drawing a Sketch

I believe that the key to drawing a successful portrait of your pet is the creation of an ideal basis for it. When it comes to my work, this basis is a sketch I always draw before proceeding to the process itself. I take into account all your preferences and draw a quick sketch, depicting not only your pet, but also the background, the theme, the occasion, the color palette and other nuances. If there is such a need, I can delete the unneeded objects or elements from your photo or even add those you’d like to see on it. That doesn't make any problem for me! The result will be definitely worth that!

Choosing the Materials

As a rule, I use a canvas for all the portraits I draw. The canvases are manufactured of 100% cotton so that you could be sure about their quality. What’s more, each picture comes with a wooden canvas stretcher to give it a portrait-like look. I also use only high quality paints in my work that do not fade away or become discolored with the lapse of time. 

Application of Special Cover Up

As soon as the portrait is ready, it is covered with a special cover up or glass to protect it from the negative impact of sunlight, dust and other potential threats. The cover or glass have the same dimensions as the canvas and look stunning, when combined with a wooden canvas stretcher. As soon as these processes are completed successfully, you get your order! The entire process takes around 2-3 weeks - from the moment you place an order and up to the day you get it ready!