How to Place an Order

So, you have decided to order the portrait of your pet! That’s the right decision you won’t regret afterwards. To help me understand the details of your order and draw the portrait in the best way possible, take your time to place an order in the most understandable way. This is the approximate plan of your actions:

  • Choose the photo of your pet or several of them to further attach them to your email
  • If you wish to bring your pet to the studio, get in touch with me in person to specify the details and find appropriate time (mind that the process may take several hours)
  • Prepare a list of your preferences (the style of a portrait your prefer, the details of your order, the deadline, personal contact data etc.)
  • Describe your pet as it is and the way you’d like it to be depicted on the portrait
  • Specify the purpose of your order (whether this is a gift or just a portrait you are going to use for other purposes)
  • If you don’t have a photo of a pet or any other animal you’d like me to draw and just need a portrait of any other animal to give it as a gift, for example, mention this fact in your email
  • Browse my website, which was created with one of the best website builders to showcase my portfolio and simplify the choice. If there is any portrait you are interested in, let me know about that in your email.
  • Mention other special nuances (if any). 

I will review your order in a few days to personally get in touch with you by using the contact data specified in the email and discuss the nuances of the order.

This portfolio website was created with website builder for artists and painters help. You may access to my site both from desktop or smartphone - it looks pretty good in both variants. Here you can also find my recent works, showroom, terms and conditions of placing an order. Mind that all orders I receive, are discussing before I start working.