Welcome to Austin Animal Art

- one of the most remarkable websites that deserves the attention of everyone, who has pets or likes animals and takes care of them. My name is Austin Bailey and I’m the owner of this website. As of today, I focus on drawing the portraits of animals and I hope, I really succeed at this. I have been keen on animals since early years. This passion has grown into the lifetime hobby and the occupation I’m currently involved in.

About me

It’s not easy to write the portraits of animals as it’s quite hard to depict them as they are. Most animals and pets are active and cannot remain on one and the same place even for a limited period of time. This is what complicates the process of creating these pieces of art. Due to the rich experience in creating these works of art, I can cope with each order in the best way possible. Each picture I draw becomes a masterpiece and can be a great gift for your friends and loved ones, who like pets as much as I do. Pictures of animals can be also drawn from their photos, which simplifies the task and increases the quality of each portrait. Most pictures are drawn in the pop-art style. They are bright, impressive and attention-grabbing. If you are a pet fan, then you can use these works to decorate your dwelling. At the same time, a picture of a pet drawn in the unusual and outstanding way can become a great present for any occasion. You can present your friends and loved ones with such an unusual and extraordinary gift. This will certainly be a surprise for your special someone!